Demo Day

If you’ve been following the barn’s progress on our Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that the demolition started about two months ago! It has definitely been more than just a demo “day”, however. It has been more like demo months!

Our crew has moved quickly in preparing the barn for the construction phase, removing damaged wood while setting aside salvageable wood for future projects (stay tuned)! Let’s take a look at the progress so far…

The team started by clearing out the first floor. This included the wood paneling dividing the downstairs into sections, removing the old concrete floors, and cleaning the beautiful limestone.

Moving upstairs, they began removing the separating paneling to open up the whole room. Old, rotten joists were removed along with water-damaged floor.

Outside, the old siding and wood paneling is being removed, leaving us with tarp walls. It is a little nerve-wracking to see our walls disappear, but each step being taken is helping us see the final picture clearer and clearer.

If you’re wondering where we started, take a look at our first blog post. Keep checking back for updates throughout the summer, as we are sure things will begin moving quickly!


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