Time to Build

Zak proudly holding the new building & zoning permits.

It’s an exciting time at Tretton Farmstead. After months… actually YEARS of working on this project, we have been given the go-ahead by the township to start construction. That’s right, folks! We have building permits!

We are fortunate enough to have a team who explains each step of restoring this barn to us. I can tell you right now, my fiance and I had no idea how much work it truly takes. There are so many considerations that had not even crossed our minds two years ago when we bought the property. Did you know that bank barn walls are at risk for bulging? Or that land surveys can take months (even years) and they are required if you need things like wells or septic systems? Yeah, neither did we.

Future footings… or hot tubs.

So far, we had only been able to take things out rather than put anything into the barn (which you can read more about here). Now that we have our building permits, we are able to take the first steps in digging the new footings for the barn. It kind of still feels like we are demo mode because our crew is digging giant hot tub sized holes downstairs, but this is to ensure the supports for our barn aren’t going anywhere.

One of the other things the team has been working on including constructing the rebar (steel reinforcing bar that looks like grate) that the concrete will be poured over. We are fortunate that the old concrete did not have rebar, as it makes it quite a bit more expensive to tear out.

Things will continue to move along quickly, and it will be exciting to see the changes the barn will have over the summer. I encourage you to follow along on our journey, and keep an eye on our YouTube channel in the fall. Oh yeah, you bet I’m filming this journey too!

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