Where It All Began…

For over a year, I had been searching for “old farm house” with the filter “5+ acres” on Zak and I were currently renting an 1820’s farmhouse in Landsale, where our patience was running thin with the issues the house was having. Towards the end of our residency there, a strong storm came through and left us with a dining room shower. The rain had leaked through our roof, through the third floor, to the second floor, and down to the first on our dining room table.

After seeing this particular property oh, 15-20 times, we finally contacted about seeing it in person. We actually drove the 40 minutes from Lansdale to Ottsville just to do drive-bys. We were in love.

We have been living on this farm for 2 years as of June 16th, 2019. In our research, we found that it used to be known as “McIntyre Farm” and consisted of 90+ acres that were later sold off in sections. It used to be a dairy farm, hence “Creamery Road”. We now stand on 11 acres with the farm house built in 1854, the barn which is being aged around 1900’s, a corn crib towards the front of the property, a small building where we believe the cows were milked, and a guest house.

Aerial view of our property.

Only the beautiful farmhouse had been updated inside. All of the other buildings were in need of some serious restoration, which we were gearing up for the project. The barn was definitely on top of my list, with my dream being to marry my fiance Zak in it. We soon came to realize the potential of restoring the barn, and immediately we began forming the team to restore.

We are in the very beginning stages of demolition now, but the transformation already is incredible. Take a peak below at where the barn started, and continue to look out for barn updates during the demolition and construction phases!


View of barn coming from Tohickon Valley Road entrance onto Creamery Road.
Rear view of the barn; ceremony space and bar space will be here.
First floor; bathrooms and elevator will be located here.
Second floor; dance floor will be located here.

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