Bringing in Reinforcements

Zak and I have always joked – the universe seems to align in certain ways that make it clear what our path should be. This happens throughout every aspect of our lives, but particularly this barn. Coincidences occur at every turn, and the one I’m about to describe was definitely in our favor.

A few weeks ago, our architect brought up the fact that we should be thinking about lighting – now. While the groundwork was being done in the barn, things like lighting needed to be accounted for to ensure we had electricity going where it needed to. He invited us to tour one of the barns he designed for another family, and we gladly accepted.

We arrived on site to find out this was the very last day of work on this barn, as the wedding it was built for was the next day. This meant the head of the construction team was still in full work mode, adding the finishing touches to this new-build. He found time to give us a quick tour, showing details of the barn he thought we’d might like in ours.

After the tour, we chatted about how we got involved in the project and who we were working with. As it turns out, the construction head, Coop, knew of our property because he had interest in purchasing it. Even more of a coincidence, he knew the construction team working on our barn because he had been contracted out on some of their projects!

We invited him to come on by the farmstead when he had a chance to check out the progress thus far. A few days later, he did and within minutes it was decided that his team would join our team! This meant double the manpower for the construction of our barn!

It has only been a few weeks with our original team headed by Rich and our new team headed by Coop joining forces, and the progress shows. The barn looks completely different from previous posts, but you’ll have to stay tuned for the next update. 🙂

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