Well, That Was Fast

As for construction updates, I believe we left off with us getting building permits. Well… quite a bit has happened since those “gold tickets” came into our possession!

July was a huge month for Tretton Farmstead. Each morning, Zak and I would head out to the barn to see the progress, and each morning we would stare in awe. One day, the downstairs floors were leveled out. Another day, we had giant holes in the ground. Another day, we had new posts and the ground was level again. It has been quite the site seeing how quickly our crew has worked, so we know we need to share it with you. Let’s break it down:

A Whole Lot of Concrete – GONE!

Once we received the permits, the first step was to begin clearing out the downstairs. The stalls in which the cows used to be held were lined with thick, broken, uneven concrete that needed to go. Our excavator came in and cleared that in what seemed like hours! The concrete was ripped from the ground and pushed out towards the patio area.

Digging the Footings

The excavator came back for a second round to dig footings (the holes that the supports sit in). To Zak and I, it looked as though he was digging us 8 or so hot tubs. For a minute, we considered going ahead with that idea, too. πŸ™‚ After that dream faded, however, the team got to work placing the new supports in and pouring concrete in them. I’ll tell you what – this barn isn’t going anywhere!

Let’s Clean It Up a Bit

After the floor was leveled and the new posts placed, it was time to clean things up and prepare for concrete pouring. The excavator, for a third time, came back to pour stone across the floors – inside and out. This made the vision of downstairs truly come to life as it was the first time we had seen it so… clean! He flattened the stone to perfection, making it easy to walk on.

So What’s Next?

After all of this progress, we are looking forward to actual flooring downstairs! We are currently laying out the plumbing designs for the restrooms as well as the downstairs bar, so this needs to be finish before any concrete is poured. It seems as though August will be just as crazy a month!

Stay tuned next week because we still haven’t talked about upstairs, and the progress made there is even crazier. If you’re interested in seeing the barn for yourself, make sure to schedule a tour with us!

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  • Christine Brigham

    Look forward to future updates on the restoration. I enjoy your podcast. Such transparency is refreshing. I had ulcerative colitis and surgery in 1970 for an ileostomy. December of 2020 will be 50 years. I also wear the Coloplast Sensura Mio. It’s the best!! Best of health to you now that you have had your colon out! 😊

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