Windows, Walls, & Floors, Oh My!

Our last post left you wondering what was next for the Farmstead as there were so many steps that needed to be taken! After a short hiatus through the fall to ensure we were meeting township requirements while also obtaining funding, we have been back at it!

December was an exciting month. We had purchased our sleek, black windows last summer but had to wait so very long to have them placed. Framing needed to be completed along the back wall of the reception space. For quite a while, a blue tarp was the only thing separating us from the cold! As things fell into place, the framing went up, the windows were placed, and the plywood filled out our once hole-filled walls. This was one of the most eye-catching progressions thus far, which made us ever the more eager to continue.

Along with windows and walling, it was time to get some solid floors under a feet; something that made our crew feel a bit more comfortable working in the barn! Joists placed eighteen inches apart (we don’t want any crazy dance moves bringing down the barn!) ensured a solid floor. Plywood quickly trekked across the barn, and we can now safely walk throughout the entire second floor!

What’s next, you ask? This week is going to be quite busy. We are the most eager for our siding. Our siding will be delivered this coming week, which means Zak will have a busy week of painting. We also have our landscaper delivering potential plans for the property. While the barn is the gem, the property itself has so much potential from romantic walks and photography gold.

We also have been touring potential preferred vendors as well as interested couples. The ideas that both parties have provided us for the barn have been immensely helpful, and we are so thankful to have their input!

As we continue you our journey, learning and growing, we invite you to come tour the barn in its current state! It is one thing to see the finished product, but to see how it will evolve is even more special! Schedule a tour here:

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