Our beautiful barn is believed to be built in the mid-1800’s and was a major dairy farm in the area. The once falling structure has been renovated over the last two years and repurposed into a venue space for weddings. It is a bank barn, with the first floor partially underground. Outside, it includes a covered breezeway outside, perfect for cocktail hour.

The second floor, having four “rows” as opposed to the typical three seen conventionally in barns, has allowed ample space for larger-sized wedding parties. It consists of an open hall, loft space, and an outdoor patio extending from one side. Windows extend along the rear of the barn overlooking the ceremony site – a fabulous sneak peak of guests gathering!

Through renovation, we have found many hidden gems in relation to our barn! License plates from the 1920’s were used to patch the walls. Burnt beams were found while repointing the stone, suggesting a barn fire at some point. We even found an aerial shot from the 1960’s showing a silo as well as other buildings that no longer exist on the land!

It sits upon eleven acres of rolling land, with a creek running along the length of the property. This allows for many photo opportunities as well as space to spread out outside. We are thrilled to renew this barn’s purpose and beauty and invite you to visit for a tour!

Come find out how we have been working closely with our township to preserve the barn and retain our farm as a peaceful getaway!